History of Cal Magí

the oldest house in the area

According to the old people in the neighbourhood, it is the oldest house in the area and that, following tradition, the priests prepared the “salpas” (Holy water and salt) for Easter there. This was always done in the oldest house, but no one dares to give a date.

During reconstruction, we found a brick between the chimney and the roof on which was inscribed the date 1779. We do not know for sure if this was the date of construction, but we believe so.

For many decades it was the only building in Les Roques district. It was in the 70’s when it started to share the area with other houses.

Since construction it has been the property of the family Torrents, and the family who lived in the house, apart from tending the land, had to work one day a week for the owners by way of rent.

The last permanent inhabitants were “Jep Petit” and his family who, in addition to vine growing, were inn-keepers, barbers, mattress and shoe makers. We still keep some of the shoe maker’s tools in the house. In 1968 they left the land and the house to live in Vilafranca.

In 1971 it was rented by the Hunters Society who used it to rear partridges, train horses and as a meeting place to cook good meals and tell hunting anecdotes.

In 1999 the current owners decided to restore the house for rural tourism as they had good experience with this type of tourism.