History of La Caseta

Origins of the house

The exact date of construction is unknown but we think that it was at the end of the 1800’s, when vine pest destroyed all the Penedès vines and provoked an intense crisis in the area. The farmer of the farm-house Cal Tulí (Puig de Monombra), now in ruins, could not surpass this crisis with such poor lands so the owner Sr. Torrents built a small house (Caseta) on flat land, hence its name, because in this area the land was better and it was impossible to live in Penedes without vines.

In 1974 the farmer, the “old Caseta”, retired and the house was left empty and never used as a farm again.

For some years it was rented as a second home to a well known optician from Barcelona. Later, we began the project that was to be our first home but it was never finished.

The house continued to fall into disrepair. In 1992, a year of crisis in the wine sector, we decided to take up rural tourism as way of additional income. In this way, we began the reconstruction of the farm-house, many of the original materials were used such as wood and stone to give a rustic and hospitable appearance. The decoration based on old agricultural implements gives a sensation of time standing still, thus a more agreeable stay.


On the 14th of June 1996, the Honourable Sr. Francesc Xavier Marimon, the Catalan Counsellor of Agriculture and Fisheries, inaugurated the rural accommodation La Caseta.Sr. Marimon valued positively the initiative and installations. In his speech he pointed out the following “This house works well because of your exquisite taste at the time of design. You have known how to include all the comforts that today we look for in everyday life, but on the other hand, you have known how to conserve this environment and the rural pleasure that city people look for. I have been thrilled to see the house in this frame of vineyards and to meet the people who made it possible. I congratulate you with all my heart because people who love the past have a future.”

The Counsellor, before entering the house, wrote in the Book of Honour the following words… “I congratulate you on your initiative towards the world of rural tourism. I have visited La Caseta and it is an unforgettable example of what has to be done. Without any doubt, you will have the success you deserve.”